Get Emotional Support For Single Mothers

How to Get Emotional Support For Single Mothers

Parenthood and responsibilities go hand in hand. For single parents, the parenting journey can be full of overwhelming situations. There are office-related tasks, societal pressures, and financial constraints wherever you go. Single mothers often look for support from an emotional point of view. The road ahead can be daunting. But, there are avenues through which they can seek the emotional support they deserve.

Single mothers can get support from family, friends, colleagues, or other sources. Sometimes, getting support becomes a challenge. You may hesitate to ask for help from somebody. There is always a feeling that you can deal with the situation by yourself. Also, you do not want to become a burden on another person.

This write-up discusses the strategies to get the much-needed emotional support for single mothers.

What Are The Hardships Faced By Single Mothers?

A mother’s life is full of highs and lows. She bestows unlimited, unconditional love without caring about anything else. Sacrifices strengthen and make the mother-child relationship more robust and more meaningful.

Life becomes more burdensome when there is no emotional support for single mothers. Let us take a look at the hardships and challenges that a single mother experiences:

Time Management

Juggling a career, household responsibilities, and spending time with children is no less than a challenge. A single mother should know how to manage time. However, this task is not an easy task; it can result in severe stress and fatigue.

A mother’s journey is filled with highs and lows as she pours out boundless love without expecting anything in return. Sacrifices deepen the bond between mother and child, making their relationship even more profound. For single mothers, the absence of support can make life even more challenging. 

Societal Stigma

Single moms often encounter societal expectations that differ from those faced by others. This results in unfair criticism or judgment. No matter the single mother’s achievements, prejudices against her persist.

Financial Strain

Financial stability is among the most significant challenges faced by single moms. They often shoulder the responsibility of being the primary provider, alongside managing household finances and childcare expenses, presenting an immensely demanding situation.

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Limited Support Network

A single mother’s key responsibilities are childcare and handling emergencies without support. Thus, having a social life and opportunities to meet new people might become challenging.

Psychological Effects On a Woman Who Is a Single Mother

A single mother can endure many stressors throughout the journey. This can result in psychological effects, such as:


Depression is a common problem that can occur in women who are single moms. Social isolation is one of the primary reasons why these women feel depressed.

The responsibilities of work and children can make social activities suffer. This can lead to feelings of loneliness and a lack of emotional support. Stress related to money can also worsen depressive symptoms and feelings of hopelessness.

Loneliness and Isolation

Single moms may often feel isolated as they have limited time and energy for social activities. Without a partner to share parenting and household duties, they may feel lonely and have a limited support network. This can affect their mental and emotional health.

Stress and Anxiety

As we know, single mothers are always surrounded by loads of responsibilities, including parenting, household, and work. They may feel burdened by the weight of all these responsibilities on their shoulders, which can make them stressed. Not only that, but they might also be frightened by the thought of not being able to fulfill all these roles.

Guilt and Self-Blame

They will also likely feel guilty for failing to fulfill their kids’ needs and demands. The reason for this guilt can be the inability to spend much time with the kids because of job and financial limitations.

So, this self-care can make the single mother overthink her self-esteem and impact her wellness.

Financial Stress

Financial stress is often on the rise for single mothers. She has lots of responsibilities to look after and the pressure to provide their kids with basic needs. These can include food, education, and other comforts of life. But, when there is no financial backup, things can become complicated, making her anxious. Single mothers can often find themselves feeling concerned about the future.

Change in The Parenting Style

You may also notice a change in your parenting style because of the stressors of single motherhood. The stress and fatigue can cause inconsistent discipline and make you feel impatient.

Managing work, childcare, and personal needs can be challenging. Any perceived lapses in parenting may also induce feelings of guilt or frustration.

Emotional Burnout

Mothers, especially those who are single, act as emotional pillars for kids. Single mothers have emotional fatigue as they manage the emotional needs of both themselves and their children.

This can lead to the draining of emotional labor. Balancing between their own emotional needs and those of their kids is not easy for them, and this can result in emotional burnout and fatigue.

This can lead to the draining of emotional labor. Balancing between their own emotional needs and those of their kids is not easy for them, and this can result in emotional burnout and fatigue.

How to Establish Support For Single Mothers?

Giving support to single moms can be possible with a horde of options available. These may include support groups, finding people online, family or friends, and community resources. Here are some steps to consider:

Support Group

Support groups are groups of people who are experiencing the same hardship as yours. When you join a support group, you can get opportunities to share your story and experiences with others. This way, you can also get emotional support and practical advice.

Find Like-Minded People Online

There has been a great emergence of online groups and communities in today’s time. You can use social channels to join online groups and make connections with like-minded people. A report also shows that online social support has affected the wellness of single moms.

Family and Friends

The thought of seeking support from family members and friends may have already come into your mind. You may be in double thoughts- whether to contact them or not. What if they came out to be the ones who can provide valuable support in your hard times?

You should contact them to ask for their support. They may be willing to help you with childcare and take on other responsibilities together.

Community Centres

Single moms can reach out to local community centers to develop programs meant for them. These programs can include parenting classes, workshops on job training, and more. All these can help single mothers experience a supportive environment like never before. Also, they provide them with necessities like food and clothing.


Single mothers usually spend most of their time parenting and managing chores. So, they may get lost in their routine and boring lives. But with therapy, they can sustain a space that is meant for them and their personal needs.


Challenges are likely to come when you are a single mother. Things become overwhelming as you have no support. But, when you find the right person or group to assist, life can be easy. If you are a single mother seeking support, you can seek like-minded people and support groups and get therapy.

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