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Alnícór Business Solutions

Alnícór is a team of business experts well versed with the complexities and possibilities of the business world. We provide wholesome business solutions for your company, covering a wide range of domains from Online Marketing to Business Financing. We strive to enhance the ROI of every dollar you spend on your business. Our focus is innovation! We help businesses gain an edge in the market by deploying technologically smart solutions that make your business future proof. We help you maximize your potential and build a roadmap to achieve your desired goals. Our experts have a hands-on approach to a variety of applied business practice.


We offer all-round marketing solutions for businesses and help them communicate with their customers effectively. We help companies build targeted communication for their audiences across industries and domains. We offer a full range of communication programs with creatively developing brand image and brand narrative to connect with the wider customer base and drive home maximum business opportunities. We make use of traditional as well as modern marketing techniques to help businesses across industries to place themselves competitively in the market. We work hard and put our diverse resources to ensure that we exceed your expectations and deliver wholeheartedly on our promises. We have a no-nonsense approach, and our pan-industry knowledge makes us capable and effective at our job.


Website Creation

At Alnícór Business Solutions, we offer all-round digital solutions to the businesses and help them get ready for the modern world. A strong online presence is the need of the hour for any business and to achieve that businesses must have a robust web platform for themselves. With our in-house team of web developers, UI/UX designers and digital marketers, we adopt a comprehensive approach towards providing businesses with a strong website. We have a team of top-class website developers and designers that provides personalized solutions to all your digital needs. Under our web development service, we offer solutions for E-commerce websites, MVC development, CMS development, and other custom development solutions as per your requirements.

SBA Loans

Traditional business loans are hard to obtain and require significant down payments with high interest rates. At Alnícór Business Solutions, we help businesses get SBA financing at better terms and flexible interest rates than the traditional banks. We make it easier for you to get the money required for fueling growth in your business or franchise needs. We help you avail the loan by streamlining the whole procedure with our dedicated financing personnel, which provides step-by-step guidance. We empower businesses by offering increased access to affordable financing for branching out their operations and tapping into their unrealized potential. We believe in mutual growth. We believe that when you grow, we grow.


Lines of Credit

At Alnícór business solutions, we offer a range of financing solutions as per the needs and requirements of your business. Whether it is a short-term funding requirement or a long-term growth loan, we offer all kinds of line of credit at easy terms and feasible interest rates. We determine your business capability and ascertain its growth potential and then help you out with the best possible line of credit to fuel expansion. We have a fast and easy application process that allows you to get the funding in the shortest time possible. Our lines of credit are beneficial for those who couldn’t obtain the funding from traditional sources such as banks.

Equipment Leasing Financing

Equipment leasing is one of the easy financing opportunities for small business to distribute their fixed costs evenly over a period of time. Alnícór provides easy and flexible equipment leasing financing to businesses for buying the required equipment for successfully carrying on their business. We structure a financing contract as per the unique needs and requirements of every business. We have a team of financial experts that offer experience and skills necessary to determine the best financing option for your business. Whatever your company needs to grow and expand can be easily financed, upgraded, and replaced by easy and economical leasing options from Alnícór.


Partnership with Diamond Financing

Alnícór has partnered with Diamond Capital Financing to offer full-fledged financing opportunities for businesses across industries. All our services are verified and vetted by Diamond Capital Financing, who are the industry leaders in business financing and loan services.