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Enjoy Parenthood
with the Right Guidance & Care

By reading our services, you can promote the motto of spreading the right guidance to new mothers. With our sessions over videos, phone and email, you can get the solution to your queries and learn interesting facts to care the newborn babies to grow under proper care.


Baby Nurse Consultation

We have come up with our video for all new moms out there to guide you about the right and ideal way to care for your child. As you already have been through a tough journey and now it’s time to enjoy the blissful journey of motherhood. We know and understand that it is hard for a new mom or mom’s- to- be follow the right direction to give the best care.
We strive to provide the right guidance by our baby nurse consultations and make our moms aware of the journey with the help of our videos. To resolve the panic of what comes next? Is our work where you can takeaway through our leading and successful experience by our nurses and the consultation experts.
You can book our appointment and release all your stress to enjoy the journey of parenthood. By connecting with us, you can get the babysitter, caregivers to re-build your strength for better for both mother and child. If you have come up with some queries by watching our videos, then you are most welcome! To catch up with us over Phone conversation, Email session or a video call in our scheduled duration. 

Emotional Support Sessions

A very important part is to give new mothers full emotional support. The ride of becoming a mother changes you as a person, which counts in going through mood swings. Based on this Alnícór has come up with an essential service to give full emotional support by having nurse with them or discussing all her queries with us.

To make the service more reachable to you, you can contact us through phone ($40/30min.), email ($20.00/15 min.) or by watching our videos ($60.00/30 minutes) for closure experience. Each service charge with different pricing will further take you through the journey of better parenthood. 

We are there to help you make you feel together because it’s tough to stand on a new path and grow a new gem. It is also advisable not to use internet information as a concrete solution or an understanding of a hormonal change. Our experience in taking care of parenthood or soon to- be moms is proficient and look forward to promoting the best care. 


Alzheimer's & Dementia

We are all ears to your health-related parenthood and childcare service. You must have heard about Alzheimer and dementia as a mental health problem. The issue related to memory loss. People browse the internet and look for its coping measures and look for comfort and support. If you are looking for a person or an expert who can guide you and put you on the alarm to recover soon, you can feel free to contact us. We can be your partner in treating your illness with the right direction for a better run. 

The ones who are new to the illness and dealing with various questions running in mind are ready to give you a prompt assistance. You can take our service on the platform of watching videos, over the phone or by emailing us your query. We are flexible on each platform and focus on assisting the right care with supporting measures to better health.

Career Advisor for Nursing

We can be your one-stop station for all your health-related services and not only that we provide the career advice for nursing. In today’s fast paced life, you need to a nurse to cater to your health issues. If you are going to start a journey of parenthood, it is obvious you will come up with various questions that might boggle your mind. If you find that interesting and want to pursue a career in being the health care provider, you can come to us. 

Our team will help you in counseling the right way to be a nurse. As the Alnícór comes with years of experience, it will surely help you follow the right path to be successful in a nursing career. You are dealing with any query or looking to stand counseling of facing a challenge while pursuing the career we feel proud and happy to guide with the right information. Therefore, the platform is created to provide mentorship to individuals pursuing careers in nursing and health care.


Service policy:  All services are none refundable. If you cannot make the appointment you must contact us by email , text or phone at least 30 minutes prior to appointment in order to get a new appointment. After 30 minutes it will count as a missed appointment. If we do not keep the appointment you will be given the option to reschedule or to relieve a refund.