Meet Alnicor

Child Care Consultant & Business Consultant

Alnicor was created by an experienced and industry-leading child care and business consultant expert. Alison is the founder and the president of Alnicor. She has more than 16 years of hands-on experience in the healthcare industry, with expertise in obstetrics, psychology, and orthopedics sector of medicine. Alison Gordon has an experience of diverse background and has provided educational services to a number of hospitals in NYC apart from working on software development, patient education, bereavement care, project management and administrative services. Also, in addition to an extensive healthcare background, she is a commercial business growth consultant specializing in traditional and online business marketing and other business growth requirements. Alison has held certifications in obstetrics, NRP, CLC, BCLS, ACLS, Nurse Preceptor, Nurse Leader, as well as other skills. 

Alnicor has been created to provide professional and thorough nursing care support for the newborn babies and their mother and soon-to-be mothers. Alnícór also provides nursing care and support for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Raising a newborn baby is a tough task, but we will ensure that you enjoy the process a lot more with constant emotional support and child care tips and guidance.  


We educate mothers the correct way of handling a baby so that they lay a good foundation for the baby to grow. Alnícór is just an appointment away. All you have to do is to pick up the phone and connect with us. We guarantee that we will effectively provide solutions to all your concerns.

In addition to health care education and support, Alnícór provides intelligent solutions for modern business. Partnered with Diamond Capital Financing, together we cover the broad range of spectrum concerned with business growth requirements. We help businesses gain an edge through our specialized solutions, including marketing, website creation, SBA loans, lines of credit, equipment leasing financing. We provide solutions for all your business needs. We work dedicatedly to help achieve breakthrough performance for our clients and empower them on a path of success and prosperity. Our technology-driven solutions and prudent strategies will make your business a purpose-driven, clarity-filled facility that manifests growth.



The goal of Alnicor Consulting is to help those who are isolated and in need of help. We provide a safe outlet for those in need. We wholeheartedly dedicate our resources to help the new mom’s deal with their transition to parenthood (whether they need an outlet or information) and to help potential future nurses gain knowledge or have a sounding board so they can decide if nursing is the right choice for them or to at least have the facts.


Alnicor strives to help at least one person have a better day. We work to enable someone who feels lost or unsure of their current level of understanding, know that they are doing fine and that we all function at our own pace. To have a place where family members of people with dementia have someone whom they can share their concerns.

Our Core Values and Principles

Tireless & Persistent

We work tirelessly towards our goals strive to be unstoppable in our mission to help people. We are not afraid to fail knowing what we are doing is the right thing to do. We believe nothing is unachievable if you are focused, persistent, and clear on your goals.

Creativity & Innovation

We work tirelessly towards our goals strive to be unstoppable in our mission to help people. We are not afraid to fail; knowing what we are doing is the right thing to do. We believe nothing is unachievable if you are focused, persistent, and clear on your goals.

Familiar & Comfortable

Whether you work with us or for us, we treat everyone as part of our family. We provide warmth, support, and solutions that help you resolve all your concerns. We make an impact on each other’s lives with a degree of familiarity and make them comfortable.

Continuously Evolving

We constantly push our limits and raise the bar of our service day by day. We believe that our only competition is what we were yesterday. We continuously evolve ourselves and produce results that are future proof. When not working, we live our life to the fullest and connect with our personal values.

Organization of Faith

We are here to serve you in your hour of need. As an industry leader, we share our knowledge to those who require it and expects from us. We believe in being there for others with all our resources. We are on a mission to serve the purpose of life bigger than ourselves.

Positive Outlook

We choose to develop a positive outlook on whatever we do every day. We keep ourself grounded with gratitude, and whether we are working virtually or physically, we do it as a team. We perform all our tasks full of energy and positivity. We are just an email, call, or slack away whenever you need our help.


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