An Overview of Nursing Leadership and Management

Around one million nurses are likely to retire by 2030 in the United States. Nurses with advanced leadership skills and management abilities will be required to deliver expert care to patients in the country. Nurse leaders are highly skilled professionals who are capable of providing top-quality patient care. The blog explores the possibilities of a full-time nurse and home nursing care to get into leadership roles.

Difference between nurse managers and nurse leaders. 

Although both the positions require leadership and management capabilities, the job descriptions of both the jobs differ from each other. Both the nurse manager and nurse leader are employed to offer top-quality care effectively and efficiently. However, nurse leaders have more hands-on skills when it comes to providing patient care, while nurse managers have more of a supervisory role in nursing care operations. Nurse leader is a full-time nurse.

Who is a Nurse Leader?

A nurse leader is the one who oversees a team of nurse, takes decisions and directs the patient care programs. Some of the crucial responsibilities of a nurse leader include but are not limited to, staying abreast with the latest developments in healthcare, working to shorten the average hospital stay of the patients and minimize the readmission rates. It also includes reviewing diagnostic results and developing treatment plans that improve the patient care experience, along with educating and providing direct care to the patients.

Who is a Nurse Manager?

 Nurse managers are not directly involved in direct patient care, instead, they are concerned with managing daily operations and supervising the nursing care staff. The role requires an understanding of business management as the nurse managers are involved in budgeting. A nurse manager’s major responsibilities include supervising day-to-day operations, providing training to team members, interacting with the stakeholders to decide the budget, and managing communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Nurse leaders and managers have to complete the mandated educational and licensing requirements to begin their practice. Requirements may vary by the employer and the role, but a minimum educational qualification is a must.


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