8 Tips On How Child Care Guidance Can Help New Parents

As new parents, it can get difficult to give a newborn baby proper care. Getting your baby dressed up to give him a bath can all get pretty challenging. However, with some help from our child care guidance and a bit of practice, it won’t be difficult for you to learn how to take care of your baby. Taking care of a delicate little baby may look scary, and you might be afraid of doing things the wrong way. All you need is some time and guidance to learn the art of caring for a newborn. You can follow the tips below to make it a fulfilling experience and become a pro at caring for a baby.

Make A Checklist

If you have a newborn or if he’s about to be born, you should prepare a checklist of things you will require. Several things are necessary for a new mom’s wardrobe, such as nursing bras, pillows, etc. Make a checklist to help you collect everything you require to better care for your baby.

How To Hold A Newborn Baby

When holding a newborn baby, ensure that you provide enough support to the neck and back. When scooping up the baby in your arms, make sure to provide support to the head first, as it is the heaviest part of a baby’s body. Secondly, pick up your baby by supporting his spine and bottom.

Whenever you switch your hands, make sure that you are following the same pattern to avoid any problems. Keeping the spine straight and head supported is essential to protect your baby from harm. You learn how to hold your baby with utmost care and gentleness in child care guidance.

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Newborn Baby The Right Way

When you bring your baby home for the first time, he most probably comes wrapped in a very soft cloth and in a neat manner. The benefit of swaddling a newborn is that it keeps the baby calm and secure.

Don’t know what swaddling is? Swaddling is a method in which you wrap up your baby in a soft cloth to mimic the position of being in a womb. Swaddling comforts the baby and secures them in a cozy position.

How To Swaddle Wrap Your Baby

A quick step-by-step method to swaddle wrap your baby in a comforting position.

  • Lay the swaddle wrap cloth on the ground in a diamond position, and fold the top of the wrap for about four to six inches.
  • Put the baby down in the middle of the wrap, with the neck on the folded side.
  • Pick up the left side of the wrap and snugly tuck the newborn under it. Ensure that the baby gets enough movement in the hip area. Do not straighten the baby’s legs or put them together because it can lead to hip dysplasia.
  • Now lastly, pull the wrap from below and tuck it near the left shoulder and tuck the last end around the baby to secure the baby in place. The last tuck should be in the little pocket you have made at the front of the wrap.

How To Put Your Newborn To Sleep

Putting your newborn to bed may be the most difficult thing you will have to deal with. But don’t worry; with enough child care guidance, you will get all the tips to put your baby to sleep.

A newborn sleeps around the clock. And in the beginning, they don’t follow much of a sleep pattern. However, they learn how to sleep at specific times as time goes by. But if you keep their tummies full, they will sleep peacefully and soundly. If you want your baby to sleep for a good few hours, ensure that you feed them before putting them to sleep. Babies have small stomachs and must eat every two to four hours to stay full.

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How To Cut Your Newborn’s Nails

Cutting your newborn’s nails will be difficult if you plan to do it when they are awake. To make the process easier and free of accidents, you should always do it when they are fast asleep. Use special nail cutters that are made just for babies to cut the nails. These nail cutters also come with a magnifying glass to simplify the process.

  • While snipping the baby’s nails, hold his finger in your hand and press the pad of the finger down away from the clippers.
  • Gently cut the nail, following the natural curve of the baby’s finger. Check that you don’t go too low or quickly cut the nail.

You may have to cut the baby’s nails more frequently in the first few weeks before they harden and stop growing so fast.

How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

There are numerous reasons why you should bathe your baby. But first, let’s focus on how to bathe your baby and what you should keep in mind. You should give your baby its first bath within the first week, but you don’t have to do it daily. Since babies don’t get down on the floor or do anything that will get them dirty, they don’t require a bath as often. You can bathe your baby using sponges and lukewarm water. Giving a bath to your babies every day can dry out their delicate skin.

To bathe your newborn, put him on the ground, wet the sponge, and wipe the whole body carefully. You can also use mild body wash to clean your baby’s body. However, you need to make sure that you don’t use soap every time you bathe your baby.

How To Dresses Up Your Newborn For Every Weather

Newborn babies are very delicate and require extra care every season. It can be a task to learn about your baby’s body temperature and what he requires. But to guess, just take an idea from your body’s temperature. If you are feeling hot, your baby is feeling hot, and if you are feeling cold, then the baby is feeling cold.

If it is too cold outside, make sure that you cover up your baby with thick layers of clothes, blankets, and a cap. But ensure that you don’t put on too many layers as it can overheat the baby’s body. When you are outside, take the blanket and cover the baby, and as soon as you get inside the house, make sure to remove a few layers to keep his body at a neutral temperature.

Similarly, dress your babies in thin clothes if it is warm outside. Use hats or caps to protect your baby from sunlight (if outside).


When taking care of a newborn, there are many things you need to take care of or are afraid of doing. But making a schedule for you and your baby can help things go smoothly. First-time as newborn parents can be daunting and challenging, but it is also an experience you will remember your whole life.

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