Emotional Support For Nurses: How To Take Care Of Yourself

We all know nursing can be a stressful job. Nurses are incredibly helping people in their best and worst phases of life. However most nurses get familiar with this environment, but others may struggle to handle the stress. After a period of time, nurses may get overwhelmed or stressed out due to workload.

That is why it is important to provide emotional support to nurses. As per the reports of PRC National Nursing Engagement, almost 16 percent of the nurses reported that they feel stressed while doing work. The rates of burnout are higher for those nurses who are already disconnected from their work (41 percent). Moreover, in areas like the emergency department, nurses have reported being unengaged by 20 percent.


Every nurse should know how to deal with stress and take care of their emotional health. Knowing the common reasons for stress and how you can help them to overcome it can make a big difference. No matter in what way you are helping. In this blog, we have briefly explained the importance of emotional support for nurses.

Reasons For Stress And Burnout

Usually, nurses don’t get stressed easily. However, when they experience high levels of stress, that results in burnout. Nursing is a profession that is filled with stress. Especially when there is a consideration that nurses care for patients throughout their lifespans. Providing care for those patients who are suffering a lot or critically ill can make the nurses more emotionally distressed.

With time, more stress causes burnout. WHO (World Health Organization) has characterized this by:

  • Feeling exhausted
  • The feeling of detaching from your job or feeling negative about your job
  • Job performance is reducing

Other Reasons Of Stress And Burnout

  • Having more workload
  • Not satisfied with the work duties
  • Working hours are long

These all can be the other reasons for stress and burnout.

Symptoms Of Stress And Burnout Which Usually Nurses Face

Nurses who suffer from burnout face similar symptoms:

Fatigue Or Sickness

Feeling sick or tired is one of the common signs of burnout.

Feeling No One Is Appreciating You

In reports, it has been seen that most of the nurses have a feeling that they are not appreciated at their jobs. Due to this, they are suffering from burnout.

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion fatigue means the inability to connect with patients. Due to this, it causes emotional distress. There are cases where the nurses take the patient’s situation seriously, which leads to their emotional suffering.

Not Able To Handle Changes

Often, nurses experience burnout because they find it difficult to adapt to changes that happen at work, even if they are small.

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How Can Nurses Take Care Of Themself While Doing Work?

There are many things available that can help boost the emotional health of the nurses. Even the healthcare industry has taken some steps to promote self-care.

Self-care is helping nurses in many ways. These are:

  • They are making meaningful connections
  • Dealing with problems and challenges in a positive way
  • Simplifying their lives

Techniques Of Self-Care

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Spiritual care
  • Self-reflection

How Nurses Can Manage Emotions At Work

Even during working hours, nurses can do self-care. However, it might get more complicated while doing it during working hours.

But, they have to prioritize self-caring, even if they get only a few minutes. In those few minutes, they can call their loved ones or get some fresh air outside. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions burst out of everything, even if you have a few minutes. Don’t control yourself. It may sound weird, but it works!

You can do deep breathing to improve your mood. These solutions can help you avoid stress and burnout.

7 Ways Nurses Can Feel Better

Below are some of the ways in which nurses can feel better:

Give Importance To Self-Care

Nurses should give importance to self-care. They can do self-care by getting good sleep, exercising regularly, and eating a balanced diet. Take time to relax and indulge in those activities that make you happy. You can do activities such as painting, spending time with loved ones, reading books, or listening to music.

Look For Support

Nurses also need strong support that can help them in their bad days. A support system helps to maintain the well-being and mental health of the nurses. They should call out their loved ones like family, friends, and colleagues for emotional support when they need it.

Practice Mind Relaxing Activities

Mind-relaxing activities include yoga, breathing exercises, or meditation. These activities can also help nurses to reduce mental stress, negative thoughts, and anxiety.

Continue With Education

Nurses should continue with their education and training. It helps them to stay updated about the latest healthcare technologies and practices.

Look For Positive Things In Your Work

Nurses can focus more on their work if they find meaning. Looking for positive things in the work also impacts their patients’ lives.

Build Positive Relationships

Building positive relationships with patients and colleagues gives nurses hope. They feel valued and supported. Nurses can build positive relationships by showing empathy and kindness and practicing active listening.

Give Yourself A Break

Nurses must take a break one time a day. It will provide peace and relaxation to their mind and body. For a few minutes, they can move around, do some healthy snacking, talk to their loved ones, and more!


The challenges faced by nurses are difficult to deal with, even by providing them with emotional support. This is where you have to take help from the professionals. When you get proper guidance from a professional, it may help the nurses to get rid of stress and burnout situations.

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