Frequently Asked Questions Related To Heavy Equipment Financing

Whether you are an existing small business owner needing tools or an independent contractor who is all set to branch out, your wallet will take a huge step back whenever you need the latest heavy equipment when you are working in the construction sector. Financing for heavy equipment is the only solution that can help you save from a major step back in your work. 

Heavy equipment such as cranes, backhoes, dump trucks, bulldozers, and cranes are important for day-to-day tasks for businesses in sectors including landscaping, agriculture, construction, excavation, and building management. 

While several construction-related businesses in these sectors, getting heavy equipment can be excessively expensive, especially for all the cash-strapped, young, or new entrepreneurs. So, how can you get new heavy equipment for your work?   

Financing for heavy equipment can be the key to solving this problem- this type of financing allows you to access the heavy equipment you need for your work without paying all the sticker amount at once. However, it would be best to learn how heavy equipment financing works and your options before sending your application for a loan. 

What Is Financing For Heavy Equipment?

Financing for heavy equipment is the kind of loan where a small business owner buys one or all the heavy equipment they need using the borrowed money. Financing for heavy equipment refers to a specific loan for construction equipment such as cranes, steamrollers, tractors, and forklifts. With financing for heavy equipment, once you repay the whole amount of the loan, you can keep the heavy equipment, and it becomes a beneficial resource for your company. 

Financing for heavy equipment is a popular lending byproduct for those working in the renovation, construction, or landscaping sectors because these loans are generally approved swiftly. The repayment term generally stretches for the anticipated lifespan of the heavy equipment, and the equipment itself acts as security for the loan. Because of this, the borrowers normally don’t have to pay a large down payment or any other security to get the loan. In several ways, financing for heavy equipment work for small businesses, such as automobile loans in the consumer area. 

Tractor manufacturer companies agree that heavy equipment financing makes sense in smaller companies with low or small cash reserves. That is because most small businesses do not have established businesses that gain funds at their disposal.   

Decision-makers and business owners or owners of small-scale companies have to carefully choose how they want to spend their resources and how they approach large purchases based on their annual revenue. Balancing the requirement for important assets such as heavy equipment with the significance of maintaining working capital and cash reserve generally means that a complete purchase is not an effective idea. Doing this can drain the available cash making it difficult for businesses to tackle emergencies.         

New business owners especially need new heavy equipment because it is essential to stay in this competitive industry. 

FAQs On Heavy Equipment Financing

When it comes to loans, people have so many questions. So, in this blog, we will answer some of your questions and solve your queries. 

How Difficult Is It To Get Financing For Heavy Equipment?

Heavy equipment financing is not difficult to qualify for, just like some other kinds of financing, such as a bank or traditional term loan. If you have worked in this sector for many years and have a credit score of above 620 or just 620, then there is a high chance of qualifying for the loan. Along with the credit score, your qualification level will also increase regarding how long you have worked in this sector. 

If your company is fairly new or your credit score is substandard, you might still be able to qualify for financing for heavy equipment; however, the repayment terms might not be as ideal. 

In terms of applying, you can simply fill out the online application and check your options within a few minutes. If approved, you can generally get your funding in as little as a day.  

What Is The Interest Rate On Heavy Equipment Financing Loans?

The interest rates may differ depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness, the loan amount, and the financier. You can expect to see interest rates ranging from about 8% to 29%. It would be best to compare the loan prices from different financers so you can look at all available options. Ensure to also pay close attention to any other possible fees that you will have to pay, such as the origination fees. 

Do Banks Give Equipment Loans?

Many banks provide heavy equipment financing to small businesses. If your small business has a specific brand, it is worth seeing if they provide equipment financing. You should research all your options other than your neighborhood bank branch. You can easily scour the realm of alternate finances or online-only banks with an internet connection. Some of the options may provide better terms than you can get at your local bank branch. The clever thing to do is check both alternative financiers and banks so you can compare and contrast.   

Best Loan Rates For Heavy Equipment?

One of the ideal ways you can find the best heavy equipment rates is by a consulting agency or an online platform that will assist you in comparing rates from several bunches of financers in a small amount of time. You can also check out the online, brick-and-mortar, alternative, and online banks to check which provide the best prices. Keep in mind that the rates available to you will be based on the age of your company and your credit score.  

How Many Years Can You Finance Heavy Equipment?

Normally, heavy equipment financing has repayment connected with the lifespan of the equipment being financed. It is to ensure that the borrower is not paying a loan on the equipment that cannot be used, and many borrowers will be fascinated by financing new heavy equipment when the loan is paid. Nonetheless, you will likely be able to operate the heavy equipment once it is completely paid for, even though your heavy equipment may be outdated by then. Heavy equipment loans have a repayment period of one to two years to around ten years.    

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Is It Difficult To Get Heavy Equipment Financing?

Getting acceptance for equipment financing is not difficult if your business has been running for several years and your company’s credit score is at least moderate to good, i.e., 620 or above. Beyond showing that you can pay back the loan, many financers make it a simple process because the heavy equipment works as security for the loan.  

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