Nursing Consultant In New York: Learn How To Become One?

Healthcare is one of the most diverse fields which centers around helping people. While learning about this field, you may have heard of Nursing Consultants. The job of a nurse consultant is to provide their expertise through consulting services. 

Usually, a nurse consultant has some sort of specialization. If you are interested in being a consulting nurse or want to know if it’s the right job role for you, we are here to help. Let’s know more about how to be a nursing consultant in New York. Thus, you can decide whether or not you want to choose this career option.

What Is A Nursing Consultant?

In simpler terms, a nurse consultant is a nurse who has specialization in some specific area of medicine. Working as a nursing consultant includes:

  • Typical practice as nurses
  • Providing training and education to other members of staff.
  • Offering expert data on patients and their medical conditions.
  • Supportive talks with patients’ friends and families while explaining their medical conditions and ways to address them.

The average salary of a nurse consultant in NY is $110,651. The amount you get paid as a nurse consultant can vary based on your country. By becoming a nurse consultant, you can specialize in certain areas of your choice. Also, you get a significant salary hike when you move towards it in your nursing career.

How To Become A Nursing Consultant In NY?

Here, we have mentioned the steps you can take if you want to be a nursing consultant:

Get An Undergraduate Degree

For the first step, you need to get an undergraduate degree in nursing to pursue a nurse consultant career. While doing that, you have to choose a particular area you want to focus on. You can choose adult or child care and learn about mental health and disabilities. There are few nursing courses that can help you study both of these fields instead of one. Most universities give you the option of changing your focus during the program. You can go for the degree of adult nursing as it is common as well as applicable.

You need three years to complete this degree. After completing this program, you will receive a B.Sc. degree. To obtain this degree, you need to go through the theory of nursing while applying your skills in a hospital setting. Additionally, your degree will also have clinical placement where you will work in a hospital and follow or shadow the other senior nurses. You may also need to do a practical demonstration or research project while completing this degree.

Earn An Apprenticeship

Finishing an apprenticeship is an alternative to getting an undergraduate nursing degree. To complete this, you need to spend two years of your time. Whereas to get an undergraduate degree, you need three years. Furthermore, you also get to experience fieldwork while working in an apprenticeship. Pursuing a degree gives you more knowledge and practical experience in nursing. Meanwhile, an apprenticeship offers more freedom to work while managing your studies.

Get Working Experience

After getting an undergraduate degree, you are needed to gain work experience. So, before you move towards the role of a nursing consultant, ensure that you get a working experience of at least five years. You need to do that in order to gain the experience and knowledge required for the role of a nursing consultant. Your personal experience greatly matters to know the best practices for the nursing field as a nurse consultant.

As you need to be an expert in your field as a nursing consultant, having sufficient experience before pursuing this role is essential. In this job you not only need to work on yourself but also have to help your new colleagues.

Gain A Postgraduate Degree

Once you have enough experience in your nursing carrier, you can go for a postgraduate degree. It is a master’s degree, and you gain an M.Sc. in Nursing. In most cases, you don’t need a master’s degree to be a nurse consultant. However, this degree will be highly beneficial for your career progression. Having this degree will let you have more qualifications while searching for a job. It typically takes 1 to 2 years to get a master’s degree in nursing.

You can choose to work as a part-time nurse while pursuing your degree. Even for a master’s degree, you need to go through theory and complete practical work related to your field. You can also finish a personal research project while you are in this program.

Get More Additional Training

Getting a doctorate or PhD in a particular area can significantly increase your chances of getting a nurse consultant job. If you obtain a doctorate, it will refer that you have mastered an area completely and have intensive knowledge of the field.

While pursuing a PhD, you can also search for opportunities that will help you know more about the roles of a nurse consultant. You can decide to shadow a nurse consultant while they perform their role. By doing this, you will understand the roles and tasks in this position. 

Become A Nurse Consultant

Now, your final step is to work as a nurse consultant. To become one, look for job opportunities in different hospitals with open spots for this role. Also, suppose the hospital you are currently working at is of your liking. In that case, you can get a promotion there to a nursing consultant. You have to show your skills and experience to convenience your manager that you have all the qualifications for your desired role.

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To pursue a role as a nursing consultant in New York, you need skills, qualifications, and experience. The entire process can take a good amount of time, but in the end, it is worth it. Since this role is very prominent in medical settings, having particular skills and experience is mandatory.

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How To Become A Legal Nurse Consultant In NY?

You have to pass the Legal Nurse Consultant Certification Exam in order to be a certified legal nursing consultant. After passing this exam, the board certificate will show whether you met the requirement to be a legal nurse consultant or not.

What Is The Salary Of A Clinic Nurse In NY?

In average terms, a clinical nurse makes around $49.50 hourly. They can make up to $8,625 per year if they also do overtime.

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