SBA Financing: Definition, Advantages, & How To Apply

Businesses need finance for multiple reasons. Every business needs to invest at a different point in time. These needs may be for buying equipment and machinery, expanding the business, providing employees training, giving them more health benefits, or increasing salaries. Although business loans from various financial institutions often meet the need for such funds, SBA financing is considered one of the best options for financing small businesses. It offers very flexible and unique lending options.

In this blog, we will give you some important information about SBA financing, Its advantages, and how to access the need for financing for your business.

SBA Financing: What Is It?

Small business administration (SBA) financing is concerned with providing loans to small businesses. It is a government agency that is dedicated to making loans available to small businesses or start-ups.

SBA makes loans available to businesses for their various needs and types of companies. Lending is not done directly by SBA. It is done through banks, community development organizations, micro-lending institutions, etc. These institutions are called lenders. The SBA agency sets guidelines for these lenders regarding the structuring of loans.

  • SBA financing programs for the loan are drafted in the agreement between the SBA agency and the lender.
  • When a business (borrower) needs SBA financing, it uses these programs.
  • The SBA loan program is encouraged by lenders because the SBA financing agency takes up a certain portion of the risk from the lender by guaranteeing a portion of the loan amount.
  • Because of this guarantee, the lenders feel more confident in offering more flexible payment options and lower interest rates.

Advantages Of SBA Financing 

SBA loans are designed especially for small businesses. SBA financing provides loans to them on favorable terms. Some of the advantages of an SBA loan or financing are-

Favorable Terms Of Loans

Because of the guarantee given by the government, the lenders offer SBA financing at more favorable teams. Without this guarantee, this would not have been possible.

Affordable Loans

The loans are more affordable as the interests charged are less.

More Time To Repay

SBA financing offers longer repayment options. Sometimes, the loans taken can be repaid after ten or even more than 20 years. 

Multiple Usage Of Loans

The funds raised through SBA financing can be used for various purposes. These purposes may be starting a business, expanding it, buying machinery and equipment, providing salaries or wages, etc.

Secured And Guaranteed 

These loans reduce the risk of the lender. If a portion of the loan is unpaid by the borrower, the lender can ask the government to pay the guaranteed portion of the loan.

How To Apply For SBA Loans Under SBA Financing

Before applying for SBI loans, you need to check certain things. Let us discuss them one by one-

Check The Eligibility Of Your Business

To get a loan under SBA financing, you must check whether you are eligible for those loans. There are different criteria to know the eligibility. A few of them may be your business’s annual revenue, years of operations of your business, your credit score, etc.

Choose A Lender With The Help Of Lender Match

These tools help in matching the potential lender and buyers. Choose your lender wisely. Clear your doubts about the lender by asking them questions about their SBA loan or financing activities. You can enquire about the number of loans they provide, the days they take to clear the loans, etc.

Get Ready With Your Documents

Prepare a list of documents you will need for SBA financing and prepare them well in advance. It will help in making the process fast and easy for the lender. The documents that you may need are-

  • A statement of personal history.
  • Borrower information form.
  • Business license.
  • Lease agreement.
  • Personal income tax returns.
  • Personal financial statement.
  • Business tax returns.
  • Projection of one-year cash flow.

Wait For The Approval

It takes some time to get an SBA loan under SBA financing. The time also depends upon the lender you have chosen. It can take more than a month to a few months.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing SBA Financing

You should be careful of a few factors when choosing an SBA loan. These factors are unique to every business and should always be considered before applying for SBA loans. The factors that you should consider are-

Knowing Exactly The Needs Of Your Business 

It is very important for you to understand what your business needs. This will help you pan your SBI financing more efficiently.

Why Do You Need Funds?

The purpose of borrowing funds should be very clear. The assessment of this will help you to borrow the loan more responsibly. If you know well in advance about the objectives of taking a loan, then it will help you to manage it more efficiently. Also, you will borrow the exact amount you need and not worry about the extra burden of repayment in the long run.

What Amount Do You Need Exactly?

It will be best if you already know the number of funds you want to raise through SBA financing. Raising the correct amount of loans is very important. As a loan does not come free, it has a price to pay in the form of periodic interests. If you unnecessarily take more loans without a proper assessment, you have to pay interest on that amount, which may prove to be a burden in the long run.

How Much Time Do You Have To Raise Funds?

Some businesses need a loan immediately. So before choosing an SBA loan, you must calculate properly the time limit within which you want the loan. SBA financing may take some time, so you should prepare well.

Do You Have Collateral To Put Up?

The process may get easier for you if you have some collateral to put up. Lenders feel confident about giving loans to you, and the process gets a bit faster. So think about something you can put up as collateral to serve as a security to the lender.

What Is The Profitability Of Your Business?

Access your business market situation correctly. If your business is profitable, then it is best for you as you can be confident about repaying the loan amount that you decided to take through SBA financing. If your business is into losses, then there is a risk associated with the SBA loan. Decide an amount with proper assessment in such a case.

How Much Time Do You Need To Pay Back The Loan?

Based on the growth projections of your business, calculate the amount of time you need to repay the loan you have taken. This will help you in avoiding the unnecessary burden of the loan amount and the interest.


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